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B.Sc. Electronics, a specialized course for students who seek to learn the fundamentals of electronics, prepares student for challenges in the electronics and communication. Bsc. in Electronics introduces students to the fundamentals of electronics components such as transistors, vacuum tubes, integrated circuits and diodes. The programme also imparts knowledge of Computer hard ware and soft ware.  As the name suggests, this programme focuses on everything related to the world of electronics. It is a field of science and technology that studies the control-movement of electrons through various media and vacuum.

 The course  studied are Engineering materials, Digital electronics, Analog electronics, Data structure, Embedded system, Robotics, Nano-technology, Bio-Medical instrumentation, computer Net works, IOT, Programming languages, Quantum mechanics, Mathematics, Statistics, Network analysis, Fundamentals of electronics, and electromagnetics.

A Bachelor degree in Electronics opens up job prospects in both private and public sector as it is career originating in nature. They have an option to start their own business, such as manufacturing of electronic parts and components. Another option is to start electrical repair shop or assembly shop for repairing of television sets, recording equipments, amplifiers, etc.




*A pass in Plus Two or other equivalent examinations with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as optional subjects.