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Programme Details


  1. Aim of the Program:

Understanding various disciplines in biotechnology and acquire methodological knowledge in them.

Application of this knowledge in a suitable manner in required fields.

  1. Eligibility for Admissions

A candidate seeking admission to M.Sc Biotechnology must have at least 50% marks in any branch of Life Sciences viz. Zoology, Botany, Biochemistry, ,Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biological Techniques & Specimen Preparation and Microbiology or Chemistry at the graduate level; Candidates having BSc degree in Industrial Microbiology / Medical Microbiology/ MLT with 50% marks are also eligible. MBBS/ BSc Agriculture/ BVSc/ B.F.Sc / B.Tech (Biotechnology) Degree holders can also apply.

  1. Duration of the course: The duration of the course is 2 years. First year consists of I and II semester and second year consists of III and IV semesters.
  2. Medium of Instruction and Assessment: English. External and Internal evaluation as per university regulations.
  3. 5. Faculty under which the Degree is Awarded: Faculty of Science
  4. Programme Outcomes:

PO1. Nurturing novel ideas and meaningful insights through scientific thinking.

PO2. Enabling critical analysis of problems and situations to reach solutions.

PO3. Development of communication skills to present scientific data in oral and written formats.

PO4. Providing a platform for individual and collective work.

PO5. Understanding the significance of sustainable scientific processes to support the environment.


  1. Programme Specific Outcome:


PSO1. Imparting basic knowledge in interdisciplinary fields of biotechnology.

PSO2. Using modern tools to study and analyze biological data

PSO3. To equip the candidates to meet the demands of the society to get sustainable products and processes through biotechnology.

PSO4. To be aware of the ethical issues, personal and environmental safety during biotechnology practices.

PSO5. Promoting scientific discoveries and familiarizing research methodology through implementation of projects



SELECTION PROCEDURE (4 semesters, Number of seats: 20)

M.Sc. Biotechnology program was started in 2010. Affiliated to the Mahatma Gandhi University, it is a self-financing course conducted as per the directives of the government and University. A candidate seeking admission to M.Sc. Biotechnology must have at least 50% marks in biological Sciences.

Admissions are made as per the educational qualification and other conditions such as community reservation prescribed by the government and the university.