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Biotechnology is a 3-year full-time undergraduate course that brings together Biology and Technology, introducing to candidates its various applications in varied sectors. Biotechnology is a study of the genetic, chemical and physical attributes of cells, tissues, and organisms in order to develop new technologies, processes, and products that will improve the quality of human life. The graduates of the course have various opportunities that are available in the domain that is related to the development and upkeep of the human life. . A knowledge of Genetics, Cell and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Microbiology is essential to explore the principles of Biotechnology. These aspects are incorporated as courses in various semesters of the program. rDNA technology and Biotechnological approaches in Plant Science, Animal science and environmental science are constituted as separate courses. Properly designed experiments are incorporated in all semesters to provide ample opportunity for the students to gain sufficient practical knowledge in the subject.

The graduates after the successful completion of the program have wide scopes in aspects of career wherein they can explore their skills in the areas of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Sectors, Agricultural Industries, Food Industries, Environment sciences as well as allied areas including research



  • To provide a platform for understanding basic life science along with advanced topics

             of Biotechnology.

  • To make the students competent in both theoretical and practical aspects of the


  • To develop industrial processes for production of antibiotics, enzymes etc.
  • To develop gene surgery and gene therapy to cure genetic disease.
  • To create improved varieties of plants and animals through genetic engineering and

             plant breeding



* A Pass in Plus Two or other equivalent examinations with biology as one of the subjects