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The profession of teaching involves several responsibilities in addition to classroom interactions with students. Teachers are held accountable for student scores, student behavior, maintaining documents in addition to student data, interacting meaningfully with parents, ensuring that all students get their due share of participation in co-curricular events and competitions, counseling students on various issues etc. Teachers due to the nature of their job, often face conflicts and issues. Also, a teacher’s job is not always given
its due in terms of professional autonomy, security, appropriate working conditions, facilities in terms of leave, leisure, etc.. . When an individual teacher or a group of teachers feel that they are treated unfairly or are not given their rightful dues as promised by the employer, they need to address these grievances to the competent Mar Augusthinose College, Ramapuram 79
authority to settle the dispute justifiably. The teacher’s grievance cell of the college is formed with this aim.


Dr. Joy Jacob - Principal - Chairman
Fr. Joseph Alancherry - Vice Principal - Vice-Chairman
Mr. Binu George (Dept. of Management) - Co-ordinators
Ms. Suvarna Mathew (Dept of Mathematics)
Mr. Arun K Abraham (Dept of Computer Sciences)
Ms. Regina Sebastian (Dept.of Electronics)

Teachers In Charge